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Services that are currently offered are logistical related in the form:

* Aviation baggage delivery
* Domestic distribution
* Road Freight
* Overnight Express
* Door-to-Door Delivery


The company currently processes in excess of 4000 deliveries nationally per month. The management and staff of MRK LS have committed themselves to providing a superior delivery system, unique in the industry, ensuring that customers receive an efficient, dependable and cost effective service at all times.


The above services are independently grouped so as to provide an exclusive service pertaining to the specific industry, to ensure that no overlapping occurs and to maintain high service levels.


Baggage Repair Service

We offer a baggage repair service that repairs and restores all types of bags, luggage and other leather related items.


The following repair processes are utilized:
Electrical Welding
Plastic Welding


The following items can be repaired :
Back Packs
All Travel Baggage
Golf Bags
Sleeping Bags
Vanity Bags
Wheel Chairs


Types of Repairs:
Stud Repairs
Stand Repairs
Retractable Handle Repairs
Lock Repairs
Wheel Repairs
Bag Insert Repairs
Pullers and Runner Repairs
Strap Repairs
Normal Handle Repairs
Stitching and Patching


The above repair list is considered general repairs and is at a fixed labour rate of R125 per item/ luggage excluding the cost of the spares.

All repairs will be completed within 36-48 hours based on spares availability. A collection fee will apply based on the normal delivery rate schedule if the baggage is collected. The delivery of the repaired baggage will benefit from a 50% discount based on the delivery rate table.


The baggage will be repaired based on our assessment and Airline authorization. In the event that the damage is not categorized in the general repair list, a quotation will be provided to the Airline within 36 hours to determine and advise if the damage is repairable or a replacement is warranted.


Baggage Replacements
We are able to offer a baggage replacement service based on authorization from the Airline if any baggage is deemed irreparable.

Generic luggage can be supplied based on Airline approval within a sliding scale of a maximum of R2000. Replacements will be quoted based on the brand of the damaged bag with alternative replacement options also provided and the replacement will only be processed once the Airlines approval has been received.


The following brands can be replaced:


An additional discount will apply to all replacement luggage to a maximum of 25% discount, based on supplier discount received and the current exchange rate indicators. All quotations will be provided to the Airline within 36 hours. The above repair and replacement service is linked to all regions and out stations as stipulated in the delivery rate schedule.