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About the company
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About the company

MRK Logistic Solutions is a (PTY) LTD entity intended for logistical services which began operating in 2008. Our core business is to provide logistical services in terms of distribution and domestic road freight, inclusive of aviation baggage logistics and heavy duty haulage.


We aim to deliver an excellent service – for any product, at anytime, to any destination. We provide national door-to-door services as well as comprehensive supply chain solutions. We design our services based upon the demands of our customers in our national markets. We continuously challenge and improve our structures and production processes.


Customer satisfaction is the No. 1 factor of our company’s success. Our customer’s success is our success. We strive to establish long-term business partnerships with our customers. These partnerships will result in long-term business partnerships for both parties. We have the best possible knowledge of customers, markets and competitors. Our services are governed by our knowledge and our continuous research of the global and local requirements of our customers and markets.


We think globally, act locally and respect different cultural values in the locations where we operate. Transparency helps us promote integration and, in turn the success of the company. We make decisions based on facts and analysis, to do so, we use the combined knowledge of our company in all our locations and units. We learn from successes and failures, from internal and external best practices.